rapid response | within 48 hours | experienced level | confidential | discretion

rapid response | within 48 hours | experienced level | confidential | discretion

The Demand

In these times of exponential and unexpected changes, extra effort is demanded from supervisors. There is a need for quick and adequate actions responding to changes in the external environment, regulations and market conditions. The world is becoming increasingly complex with more and more dimensions: digital transformation, new regulations, mutual relationships, Corona or other things that suddenly come to us, culture, etc, etc.
How do you as a supervisor / non executive director take the best position towards all stakeholders, in the interest of the organization that relies on your expertise and governance? How do I guide my organization through all this turmoil?

Sometimes an urgent need occurs for ‘a confidential sounding board’: with fellow non executive directors who know and understand the Governance Dynamics and the rules of the game – and are themselves active and experienced supervisors.

The Proposition

We offer rapid intervision, within 48 hours, in full confidentiality and with the ability to get to the essence of dilemmas and issues very quickly.
Confidentiality, concrete and ‘no nonsense’. All throughout the Netherlands.

  1. We conduct urgent individual intervisions for Supervisory board members/Non-executive directors. easy and accessible.
  2. Face – to – Face with fellow Non-Executive Directors. We will come to you, you don’t have to come to us.
  3. Response within 48 hours, at a professional location, depending on the time: breakfast / lunch / dinner.
  4. You will determine the date and time, the intervision takes a maximum of 2 hours.
  5. Intervision is ALWAYS at a personal level.
  6. Peer review, 2 persons at the table.
  7. Sharing experience, perspective shown and insight.
  8. Starting point: ‘Chatham house rules’.
  9. Assurance and validation by databases.
  10. Customer experience with high added value.